Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mixed Media Class Lesson 2

Padfolio back
Padfolio front

I have been participating on an on line class with Joggles.com Sue Bleiweiss is the instructor. This is my mixed media box, that opens up and has 3 drawers. The fabric paper is made with felt, painted cheesecloth, paper, organza, soy silk, all fused together with Misty fuse. I decided that I needed to freemotion stitch my fabric paper. I also made a padfolio with the left over piece of fabric paper. This class has been alot of fun and I am not even half way through. Look for more exciting projects!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Intuitive Hearts Finished

Intuitive Hearts Finished
Close up
Mixed Media Class Lesson 1
Sewer's Notebook Lesson 1
Cyber Fyber ATC Postcard Trade

I finished my commission with little time to spare. My friend Janet delivered it to Stratford after I had time to share with the Oakville Stitchery Guild at our monthly meeting. Janet said Carol Miller of THE QUILT, was pleased with our work. I am looking forward to seeing it in their catalogue and at the shows it is scheduled to be shown. Janet's piece was amazing! The best I've seen of her work! Bravo Janet!
I started my Mixed Media class with Joggles and Sue Bleiweiss in the last week of January. I worked 4 days straight making fabric paper and my finished notebooks. I've had little time to do the other lessons, but I ordered more materials from Joggles and I won't worry about the time line. I'll plod along at my own time line. It has been fun to see other participants' work on the MM forum.( from all over the world)
My friend Anne Marie introduced me to Cyber Fyber and I was able to make a ATC and Postcard trade with Susan Lenz who is curating this exhibition. I also joined Fiber Art Mixed Media or FAMM started by Susan Sorrell. What a cool place to hang out on the computer. I have several friends already.
I also decided to subscribe to Fibre and Stitch Zine after receiving a handmade journal from Sue Bleiweiss, such a generous and sharing artist. Checkout her blog and etsey shop. suebleiweiss.typepad.com
She makes amazing journals!!! And that's how I got connected to her Mixed Media class.
That's all for now, I will catch up on the workshops I've taken recently!