Monday, April 2, 2012

Time to Get Blogging

                          At the Ontario Juried Show with my award winning art quilt, "Masks"


                                                       "Masks"   Best Individual Small Quilt

I have continued to ignore my blog. Today I read a fellow artist, Elaine Quehl's blog and  I was motivated to write. Today I read and subscribed to Elaine Quehl's blog. What a busy artist she is; teaching, presenting, showing her work in a variety of shows and selling her hand-dyed fabrics! It makes my head spin. I first met Elaine when we both won awards at the Ontario Juried Show several years ago. We have both taken different roads with our art that's for sure. She is a highly successful and internationally recognized teacher. I am much more regionally recognized artist. I take a lot of pleasure in teaching to a few select groups and writing articles about my art for publication. I do alot of volunteer work for my guilds and art groups. I take time to learn new skills and mix my media up. Friends are the biggest reason I have not taken a high road. I make time to do art with them and share what I have learned. Besides, I am getting older and energy is at a premium. Retirement gives you lots of time but I use some of that time for napping! 
Until next time!