Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Doctor Stitch

This is a stitchery I completed for my little stitch book I am making. At our Stitchery Guild we have Do Days called Dr. Stitch. We all meet at Sybil's house and she gives us wisdom about stitching and instruction about technique. It really is a tea party! This latest exercise is to stitch on printed fabric. I also added painted cheesecloth and a piece of painted and zapped tyvek. Following are pages from my stitch book. They are a bit wrinkled, Oatie loves my stitch things and balls of pearl cotton. I found him all tangled in some.

The cover and page 1

Pages 2 and 3

Pages 4 and 5

Pages 6 and 7.

These are my latest ATCs from a swap on Cloth Paper Studios. Thank you to Ulla, Marie and Marci.

My soft rock in progress, with french knots, sorbello stitch, lock stitch and cross stitch. My son says I should put eyes on the top and then it can talk. Sawrite!

Another swap from Beryl and a delightful note card. Thank you Beryl, your block is a work in progress.

Here is the latest picture of the culprit that loves stitching threads! Today he had a great day with his mom and no deliberate messes in the house! One day and counting! I always say. ' Good thing he is cute!' More news shortly!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All about Oatie

Calling all dog lovers. Now here is something to howl about! Oatis is about 14 weeks old and is having many firsts!

His first raincoat with detachable hood!

His first bath at his forever home!

His first home haircut! No more puppy cut for Oatis. He looks like a real mini Schnauzer now! Look at that tongue!

The new polished Oatie! I didn't realize his ears stuck out so much. He was getting so furry, he looked fat! Oatis had his last expensive shots this week as a puppy. Soon he will be neutered, so he can have a nice long life.
I have been busy stitching and teaching this past week. I have two deadlines to make for our Stitchery Guild Meeting, for next Monday. One, is our Guild project for the Ontario Network of Needleworker's annual meeting. I am putting together a kind of quilt! I got the idea from an old issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I am really loving that magazine! I am also working on my Go Green Challenge for the Guild. We exchanged secret scrap and mixed media bags in October and our challenges are due next week. I started by making some paper fabric and studying Beryl Taylor's Mixed Media Explorations book. Most of my scrap bag contained leather and lace!!!! But I came up with some ideas and now the pressure is on to finish!! I will have photos for next week. I also signed up with Darren of Problogger for How to Improve your Blog in 31 days. I am already behind! I hope to get to it soon. Until next time.... keep stitching!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Soft Rocks with Susan

Hello everyone! Here is a posterized photo of Oatie. I call him OT like in hockey, OVERTIME! He definitely was overtime last night until 2 a.m. having that burst of energy and madness that puppies often have. We call it having a FRAT! Posterized photos can be useful making art and I plan to use this some day. Another good resource is Virtual Painter, they give you 32 free photos to alter. I altered Oatie right on my camera, which is a good feature.

This is my finished Soft Rock made during Susan S.Johnson's workshop. Also some sample stitching to add to my rock to create texture. Stay tuned for the finished rock.

Here I am happy to be at a workshop with friends.
Below Susan is demonstrating some stitches.

This is my rock after it baked in the oven for a couple of hours.

This is my rock covered in Press and Seal and some materials I will use to cover it, such as chessecloth, roving, washi paper. We used a combination of white glue and flour and water to create the glue to make the Pabric. This part was very messy and I couldn't pick up my camera.

A sketch of my rock, found by hubby at the reservoir in Milton. I think it is shale and has lots of details of which some may be trauma from earth moving machines.

This is my dear friend, Leslie! We are in Sybil Rampen's studio, Joshua Creek in Oakville.

This is Susan beginning her workshop with the members of the Oakville Stitchery Guild on March 28th. I apologize for the photos being backwards, I forgot to download them opposite as I usually do. We had a lot of fun with great food at our lunch time pot luck! This is our last workshop for the year, and do I have some plans for next year!! Please have a look over at Carol Weibe's blog, Silverspring Studio for a review of my show at Greenwood Gallery. Thank you so much Carol! While there have a look at Carol's art work! Until next week, keep stitching!

Monday, April 6, 2009


My very first show! The opening event was on Saturday, April 4th at Greenwood Gallery in Guelph Ontario. I was thrilled with the hanging of my art. Christine and Joanne did a great job. It all looked amazing! Some very close friends and family came by to see the show and give best wishes! Thanks to Leanne for the lovely roses! Following are the pieces in the show.

Intuitive Hearts This is a smaller version of my auction quilt! I finished the binding the night before delivery!

Isadora, looking saucy in the stairway alcove!

A Taste of Africa , on the way up the stairs.

Autumn Ice and Lake Erie Sunset

Energy, named so because of the colour of the painted fabrics reminiscent of Van Gogh's palette of colours. Echinachea, a fabric collage.

Fantasy Garden, my first original design!

Award winning, Masks and Rusty Metal.

A view of the upstairs gallery

Another Door Opens, published in Quilting Arts Magazine.

Maternal Love, published in Quilting Arts Calendar, July 2007 and Black Dog, Blue Chair.

My newest pieces, Secret Garden and Cascade.

African Art Quilt looked amazing in the gallery!

Walk This Way

Intuitive Hearts and Poppy Field

Ready for the reception. On the table, my bag, Embroidery of India.
I hope you have enjoyed a tour of my solo show! If you are in the area, the show is on until April 3oth at 275 Woolich St. in Guelph. I have photos to share of the workshop I took with Susan S Johnson, making Soft Rocks for next time. I can now relax and get back to more stitching!