Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Background Pages

 Collaged with painted paper towel and styrofoam print on text.

 More styrofoam prints (black) and stencil of cherry blossoms and birds.

 Miss Walsh with collage added.

Painted and collaged with prints on top.

Paint and purchased papers.

Cloth Paper Scissors - PAGES

 Yes, that is my Journal at the bottom of the cover of the latest Pages Issue. It has all the green buttons on it. I was so excited to see my art on the cover as well as an article inside. I am even in the table of contents! I was contacted while I was in Florida that Jenn Mason wanted my "Rose Journal" for their next issue. Whoohoo! But I needed to get home and put the finishing touches on the journal. We left on the last day in February and two days later I was finishing it up and putting it in the mail. |I wrote the article while I was in Cedar Key and sent it off by email.

This is page one of my two page spread. Sorry for the light glare.

This is the cover view of my Rose Journal.
I dedicate it to my mom. Her name is Rose!
I hope you will consider getting "Pages" from CPS. It is a terrific magazine. :>)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Altered Visual Art Journal

 I've started altering a journal that I purchased from the Goodwill store. I paid less tha 2 dollars for it. The cover is gessoed, painted with water colours, stenciled with gell medium, a acrylic white wash was applied, then grreen gold wax rubbed in.
 Page 1: gessoed, painted and collaged.

 Page 2 and 3: gessoed, painted collaged with papers and finally a layer of printed kleenex, then sprayed with magenta metallic paint.

 Page 4: gessoed, painted, printed with punchinella, accidental painted dog, ( sketched on to look like Oatis, my dog)  pictures of poppies under security envelop window.

 Page 5: gessoed, painted, coloured with Inktense Pencils.

 Page 6: Soluable crayons, collaged.

 Page 7:  paper napkin and Zentangle sample, used in a lesson with grade 4.

Close up of details of Cover. I love this technique! Hope you have enjoyed the first few pages of my journal. I am in the process of painting and collaging several more pages.

Watercolour Painting at Brigitte's

 This Brigitte Schreyer's painting of Trillums that she used as an example for our class on Spring flowers. Brigette is an amazing watercolourist. She has lived in a country home for 26 years that was built by Robert Bateman. There is a drawing of an eagle on a wall of the house that was sketched by Robert while he was on the phone.

 Here is Brigitte demonstrating a painting of tulips.
 A closer look of the tulips.
 Brandy, a three year old German Shepherd that fell asleep as we painted.

My painting of one Trillum needs alot of work to be finished. I really enjoyed learning many techniques form Brigitte.

Open House at Queen Elizabeth Park Art Centre

Here I am with my group, Oakville Fibre Arts, at Queen Elizabeth Park Arts Centre in Oakville. It was Open House on April 24th and we had at least 6,000 visitors and cake for all! Sorry my posting is so late. I am standing front of my postcard piece called The Message.
Here is Sherry showing a young visitor how to do embroidery on the group fibre arts project.
Marda is sitting at our display talking to another fibre artist, a knitter.
Leslie, our president welcomes people as they come into the Fibre room. We have a fairly large room with a small dye room. We occupy the room every Thursday from 9:30 - 3:30. The room is used by the Weavers, Knitters, Sewers' Forum, and Spinners at other times.
A Knitted Project made by Cathy

Second Art Quilt Classes Finished

ATCs made at Art Quilt Class

Just finished teaching 6 classes at the Milton Centre for the Arts on Wednesday. I had a delightfully small class of 3! We explored fabric collage with mixed media for the 6 weeks. My three students were repeat students having completed my October 2011 offering. The only suggestion made was that we need more classes from 6 - 8 weeks.
As a final project we exchanged ATCs with each other using our new techniques and surfaces, such as mixed media patchwork, tissue paper cloth, lutradur,  tyvek, photo transfer foil, angelina ... I enjoyed it as much as the students.
Next edition of Art Quilt class starts October 9th at MCA.

                 Row 1: made by Sue, Tess and Tess

                                                  Row 2: Tess, Donna and Sharon

Row 3: Donna, Sharon, Sue

Row 4: Sharon, Donna Sue