Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fibre Art Shows!

Since September, I have been going show crazy! It started in September with the World of Threads Festival. I was in 4 different galleries! Then along came a great opportunity to take part in the AM Gallery at our local mall with Fine Arts Society of Milton. ( It has been a fabulous adventure! I love sitting at the gallery with other artists and meeting the public and I have also sold some of my fibre art!

Opening Reception Night!
A table of my Fibre Art!

My Art at the gallery!

The next show to prepare for was the Oshawa Fibre Art Show. It was my 4Th year in the show and showcased most of my fibre art over the last few years. It was very successful in terms of visitors and sales.

My Fortune Felt Jewellery and greeting card made for the Oshawa Fibre Art Show. Every felt bead contains a cookie fortune.

My silent auction piece for Osteoporosis Society of Toronto, called Pods and Seeds. This is a second piece I stitched on lutradur for my Organic embroidery class with Susan Sorrell.
Next month, another show at the Milton Mall, opening reception: next Thursday from 7:00 to 9:00. Hope to see you there!

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Two Month Break

The last of summer at Lakeside Park in Oakville. I discovered this little gem of a park, while delivering a piece of art to the Oakville Museum for the Festival of the World of Threads. I took my little buddy along and we had a delightful time at the park. I love the Lakeshore in Oakville!

Lake Ontario shore line.

View from the park

A Grand Tree in the Park!!!! Yes, those are artists and their easels.

Oatie enjoying the surroundings.

Nesting is a new theme challenge for the new year of the Oakville Stitchery Guild. My little ATC is going to be in a book cover pocket, for my completed Sketchbook, another OSG challenge. This ATC is hand felted.


Among the many shows I have been participating in, this was one of them, The St. Clair Artwalk in Toronto at Penny Milton's gorgeous home and studio.

My art work hanging on the wall at Penny's.

My one stitch challenge for the OSG, president's Challenge. I used a piece of painted and stamped fabric, a straight stitch and some silk applique for the poppies. I is embroidered only with straight stitch and beaded. It is also the correct size for the Ontario Network of Needle workers Challenge for next May! I am ahead of the game!!!! More to come very soon on the other shows, I have had and I am getting ready for! My apologies to my followers that thought sometime had happened to me. I love you for asking why I wasn't blogging. And congratulations to my young mixed media artist friend, Sandra Spagnuolo who has just started her blog. I should have a link very soon,
Keep stitching, Donna