Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Keeping Busy Creating!

Maddie ( 14 months) and Oatie at Great Grandma's house.
My Grand niece is so sweet and intelligent. We just love her to pieces!

Oatis is on a diet! Yes those treats , table scraps and cheese have increased his size and made him a fussy eater! The vet was clear about our new regiment and since Oatie hates the vet's food, he is FASTING. I think he will finally eat when he is hungry enough! This is preventative medicine. But it still cost us a pretty penny!
Stringalong Sampler, 100 blocks

Block One

Blocks 2 and 3

Block 4
My friend, Marci, from Cloth Paper Studio forum got me hooked on Stringalong. Instead of 39 blocks, I decided to do 100 blocks since that's how many I drew on the background. I am working on a spring theme with some of my favourite things, like Peaches! I stitch one block just before bedtime.

Lesson 2 of Fertile Earth

This is my stitchery finished except for the edges. I stretched and lightly ironed it. I am pleased with the colours and the satin stitching.

Nesting Pincushion

I just couldn't resist when I saw this project in Interweave' s Stitch magazine. I really enjoy this magazine as well as Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors. I hand needlefelted the top and eggs from some recycled felt and roving

Here is a side view, showing the leave fabric, I added extra hand stitching and my initials

Creative Cue - Shake

Creative Cue - Rich ( in colour and design)

I love Indian colours and designs for stitching. The inspiration for this came from Stitch Magazine from the Embroiderer's Guild. (UK)
I am currently working on a Fibre Art Tote Bag for a promotion and silent auction for the Milton Mall where our Fine Arts Gallery is found. Photos soon,
Keep stitching!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Creative Cues Catch Up

This is an inspiration photo for a future art piece. I cropped it and posterized it right on my camera. I look forward to manipulating my photos in Photoshop. This little outhouse is on my mom's farm near Grimsby, Ontario. I guess my dad had it moved near his bush.

I've been neglect in doing my Creative cues, so I did 4 of them to catch up! I love to collage with paper as well as fabric. The TIP refers to the tip of the Eiffel Tower!

I love this one using CLIPS of thread and paper from the dollar store. I love those handmade papers from India. I've been making little mini purse booklets to sell with the dollar store papers.

I like this one too! STEM

Finally COOKIE, my absolute favourite dessert!

Now I am back on track for Creative Cues and Tuesday night Blog entries. I am getting ready to work on Lesson 5 of Fertile, Earth, Stones, Rocks and Shells.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Silent Auction Piece SOLD!

Sold at the Heart to Hand Show
Fine Arts Society of Milton
There is nothing like procrastinating to meet a deadline! I started on a Tuesday afternoon and had this piece in an Ikea frame for Wednesday! Machine quilted and collaged background, recycled fabric for appliques, lace, hand embroidery. I love this piece and it was fun to make!

Fertile Earth Continued

A Super Looking Pooch on Vacation!
I've been reading a very good book called 'The Dog Rules: Damn Near Everything!'It is very humorous and I can totally identify with the author's experiences with his dog, a border collie called Jake.
Fertile Earth Lesson 4
Ginkgo Leaves

Clams from Cedar Key
Inspiration for Lesson 5

Close up of Ginkgo Leaves
This is my favourite lesson so far.

Fertile Earth lesson 3
Layers of Stitch
I am continuing to work on my fertile Earth lessons. I am completing Lesson 2 at this time. My next project will be my entry to the Threadworks Show for April. The theme is Trees but I think I have a unique idea in mind displaying my style! Stay tuned!

Trash to Treasure Art Show

While in Cedar Key I visited a local art show called Trash to Treasure. This is a theme close to my heart. I enjoy the hunt of finding discarded items and using them in my fibre art. Below are some art pieces that were hanging in the Keyhole Artist C0-0p.
Some recycled fibre art

Recycled wire

Recycled metal objects

Amusing objects of art

Recycled keys

Assembled art


An impressive piece

Yummy art

More metal

Heart-breaking fishing Line that often harms local birds and wildlife

The sign on this cottage says: Marriages arranged. On the stoop is the local pastor that performs the marriages. At least that is what I thought!

The famous landmark or watermark!
The Honeymoon Cottage!

Artists Galore in Cedar Key!

We have been home for a while but I have such fond memories of Cedar Key and its artist's community. On one of my local walks with Oatie, we visited an artist's studio and store front called Beauty by the Yard. The artist was absent but left instructions for making purchases. We ventured under the canopy studio and saw a variety of concrete sculpted items for sale. We were cheeky enough to peek in the backyard to see a beautiful garden and a huge sculpture made of concrete. It was enchanting! imagine living in a community where your studio can be outdoors all the time.
Even empty store fronts contain humorous art work!

This the sign that guided me to Beauty by the Yard.

This building is the Artist's Co-op. I spent considerable time there doing some shopping! I discovered that a Canadian woman started the co-operative and willed the building to the artists. It has a main floor sales room and a second floor gallery with studio space! There was to be a silk dying workshop on the weekend we were there. I bought a silk dyed scarf instead.

This is me at the Barefoot Art Gallery and Coffee shop. This is a very friendly place. During my week in Cedar Key I ran into the people I met in the stores a few times with friendly greetings. In all there were 4 art galleries and one great consignment shop that enticed me. I can hardly wait to go back next year!