Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Needle Pulling Thread

This is one of my Keepsake wallets that I made last summer. It is constructed from re-purposed fabrics that I have collected.
Below is the cover of A Needle Pulling Thread and on the cover is 6 of my wallets! I was genuinely surprised My work was on the cover! Doesn't it look great!!!!

The article inside also looks amazing. I know that my instructions are fairly accurate. My friend, Doeteke, made one of them herself! 
Just remember that the seam allowance is included.

You can buy ANPT at your local Chapters or Indigo store or go to their website to order your own copy.
If you would like to purchase a Keepsake Wallet, please leave a comment and I can contact you privately.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goodbye to Cedar Key!

 Its time to go home but it is difficult to say goodbye to tropical breezes, wonderful sunsets and new friends. I have been blessed with meeting such wonderful people here in Cedar Key. I've had lots of time for making art. This piece is nearly finished. I will need my tools at home to finish it.

 A cloth doodle I made for my friend Jane as a thank you gift . I used linens I bought in a consignment shop in Cedar Key. The cross stitch was made by a local woman who had passed away.

 Close up of the Cloth Doodle showing the hand stitching.
 Another gift for Barbara from Chicago.

 A gift for Pat from Virginia.
The cute little gift tags I bought at a local artist's co-op.

 I also worked on this little stitchery. I painted the cross stitch fabrics and lace with acrylic paint. I am adding embroidery, beads and maybe sequins. The idea is based on the art of Paul Klee and from Stitch Magazine.
My friend thinks it looks Russian.

Lastly a close up of my Shell piece. I haven't decided on a name yet.