Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting Ready for a Holiday

Oatie is relaxing while I am getting all my art work ready to take on holiday. This is a very strange way for a dog to relax! Don't you think?

These are my Puffy Hearts I made and sent to Sue at Cloth Paper Studios for a swap.They are made from lovely dyed cotton velvet from Fabric Art Shop in Lake City in Florida. We leave this weekend for our annual trip to Florida.
We are going back to Cedar Key, islands in rural Florida.

My collage from the Strathmore workshop with Pam Carriker. This is after lesson 3. One more lesson to do.

A collage made at Sandra's Open Studio. What to do with it now. I am tempted to cut it up into smaller works.

Sketchbook Challenge page. I did Lyric's lesson on portraits. I check the website everyday to see what new cool stuff is on it!
This year I am bordering all my pages on the right side.
This border was made by AnneMarie.

Finally friends, another sketchbook page using a photo of me that I altered. I like it but I should have made myself umm, slimmer!
But I am a Princess! who cares.
Next fibrejournal will come from Lovely Cedar Key!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Calendar and Sketchbook Challenge

Here is a little bit of my Quilting Arts Calendar Challenge Entry.
Yes, it is Oatis!

I first made my background from fabric and paper and paint.

I drew my cartoon drawings on vintage feed sack and thread sketched them on my sewing machine.
They are coloured with pencil crayons.

This is the back of the fabric paper. I free motion stitched around the motifs from the back.

Here is the finished 12"x 12" art quilt, called:
Oatie is in a large bucket while gathering leaves at the cottage.
Oatie playing with the neighbour's black cat.
Oatie sleeping with his paws up. Yep, he really does.
Oatie standing while we dance to the Black Eyed Peas: Boom,boom,pow!
Finally a portrait!
I made this art quilt in a mere 3 days and had the photos in the mail.
But alas, I didn't make the list of finalists,
but I have a very cute quilt!

A page from my new 2011 Sketchbook.
Sketchy animals drawn while traveling in my new car.

My Highly Prized Page for the Sketchbook Challenge.
I followed a video instructed by Pam Carriker.
I am really loving Pam's art.
She has a book coming out soon called, Art at the Speed Of Life.
The little girl is a copy of an old photo I bought in Florida.

A birthday card I made for my friend Sandra Spagnuolo, a mixed media artist.
The focal point is from an old pattern I found in an antique market.
I hope you have time to check out the Sketchbook Challenge.
I am enjoying it daily!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just Photos

Oatis and me on Christmas Day with his new toy! A Snake!

My grand niece, Maddie wearing her Princess Dress she got for Christmas.

Shimmering Ornaments!

Tags I made at Sandra's open Studio.

My Christmas Owls made from drop cloths.

Thanks to a Gentle Reminder

My Class at the Guelph Embroiderers' Guild
Embroidery by Barbara Lee

Embroidery by Erin

Sheena concentrating on her art.

Doeteke working hard.

Michelle, happy to be creating.

I was reminded tonight at my fibre art meeting that I haven't posted in awhile. Thanks Doeteke! I certainly have intended to, but I have been so busy making art and other things. I am participating in the Sketchbook Challenge and a free workshop with Pam Carriker with Strathmore Online Workshops. I have been inspired to sketch, paint and collage. On Sunday, I was making paper at Sandra's Open Studio. I love going to Open Studio to play. A new semester has started with the classes at the Guelph Embroiderers' Guild, and I am immersed in making a 4 sided vessel, fabric collage of course.
December was the end of my class, teaching at the Guelph Guild and I have some photos to share of my students and their work. It was a invaluable experience working with such creative embroiderers.
I have several pans in the fire for 2011! I want to concentrate on teaching and publishing my art. But it will be in small steps. For the new year, I will be a guest artist at The Three Creative Studios. Watch for my Technique of the Month in April. I am teaching a class on Brown Paper and Embroidery at the Mixed Minded Conference in May.
I am published in A Needle Pulling Thread, Spring edition. Look for my Keepsake Wallets using recycled fabrics.
Its looking like a very Creative year! Happy New Year everyone!