Monday, August 29, 2011

Visual Arts Camp at Milton Centre for the Arts

 At the new Milton Centre for the Arts
August 8th to the 12th.
I was the instructor for the week with 20 -  6 to 12 year olds.
What fun! ( exhausting too!)

 The wet area for painting and sculpture.

 The drawing area with a great view!


                                           Day One: Learning about Mona Lisa and DaVinci

                                                           Mixed media Collage and painting

                                                         Day Two: Vincent Van Gogh and Sunflowers

                                                                Day Three: Picasso Dogs

Another Picasso Dog! Children are so free in their art!

                                                       A Handmade Sketchbook with a credit card painted cover.

                                                           A painted Doodle Dog!

                                               Four legged Sculptures based on Picasso's Goat.

                                                                      A lion sculpture

                                                          The preparation room for instructors.

                                              Day Four: Barbara Reid and Plasticine art.

A horse of course!

Day Five!  Grafitti Art and Keith Haring 

Acrylic on Canvas

More Grafitti Art


More Zentangles

And our thoughts of making art all day long!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home Challenge

 This is my entry to the Cloth Paper Scissors challenge, Home Sweet Home.
I used fabric collage and hand embroidery for all the details.

 This close up shows the paper doors and windows. I embroidered around each shape to make it look sketchy.

My favourite side with wisteria fgrowing on the walls.
La Maison de Fleur.
 I sent it off to the Cloth Paper Scissors offices after I made the finalist list.
  I hope it will be featured in their magazine.
This was a fun little project for sure! Opps a little fluff on the left side.