Saturday, November 11, 2006


This is my first posting as a blogger. I knew nothing about it except reading other fibre artist's blogs like Lesley Riley and Carmi Ciamini. I t was from Lesley's blog I discovered Google had a vehicle for me to journal on. I have lots of stories to share but no real forum for them in the world of Fibre Art.
I'll start with a short bio. I am in my 50's , retired art teacher, wife, mother of 2 adult boys and one mini schnauzer called Oskar. I am well into my second career, making fibre art and showing at galleries. I belong to a group of artists and our website is We have a show in Guelph Ontario at the Greenwood Gallery until Nov.30th.
I have begun to volunteer at my local public school teaching art of course in a grade 7 class. The first day one of the students said I looked too young to be retired! What a sweetie, he is right of course. I still stay in contact with my fellow teacher friends, once a teacher always a teacher. Some other things I like to do beside creating is reading, going for a massage, coffee with friends, watching Grey's Anatomy and Young and the Restless. I love Ophrah, Ellen, Sopranos, Rescue Me, Medium and Six Feet Under. I walk my dog everyday for exercise and I like Yoga as well. On the True Colours test I am Blue with Orange. I avoid conflict and like to see everyone happy. I do like to take some creative risks. More about true colours another time.
The purpose of this blog is to journal my thoughts and to share with any other artist who would like to read it and comment. I hope this reaches someone with similar interests.
Donna fibreartist


V said...

Donna, I don't think you look old enough to be retired, either! Frankly, I was shocked. I've just started blogging as well and find it fascinating to see what artists are doing.
Based on your profile, I see your sense of humour is quite similar to mine! I'll try to get up to Greenwood soon - I LOVE that store and gallery. Good luck with the show.

arlee said...

Well, i just subscribed to you too!

arlee said...

HEY!!!! WHERE are you then??????