Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back to Blogging

I have been remiss in keeping up my blog. I'm just reading everyone else's blog. Well just fibre artist and mixed media artists. I have been consumed by yahoo groups as well. Now that I have a new laptop I can do so much more and much faster. Thank goodness that old dinosaur died!
Embellished ATCs

My good news has to do with my Intuitive Hearts Quilt. If that quilt could talk. I know its travelled around. I last heard throught the fibre art grapevine that it was hung for display at the Creativfestival. This time I choose not to go to the festival and order stuff online instead and my quilt was there! Then I heard about its time at Casa Loma in The Quilt Auction: Cure for Breast Cancer. It sold for over the asking price! for $1600! The highest price for a Fibre Art Quilt! Oh, Joy! I wish I knew who purchased my quilt.
I've decided after this accomplishment I will try to keep up this blog weekly. Its a challenge. I already keep a diary journal, 3 or 4 visual journals and a scrapbook of my quilting to fibre art career. And I am always writing in my head. Last night I fell asleep visualizing a special journal about the life of my beloved pet, Oskar.

The other reason I need to blog is to promote my article that I am writing for Fibre and Stitch, the online magazine. Writing for a magazine has been one of my intentions. After talking to my friend Carol Wiebe, I am being more careful about what I choose to do with my art instead of becoming overwhelmed by commitments and a very messy house.
My studio has expanded into the dining room so I can paint there as well as use my embellisher. The basement family room has my books and sewing machine and fabric. I also have an easy chair and ott light for hand working front of the T.V. My computer sits on a desk on the other side of the room. If there was another empty room, I'd overtake it too.

I have been finishing up an online class with the Thread Studio called Embellish, Stitch and Enrich. Dale Rollerson's class was a lot of fun and I met the greatest people in our yahoo forum. I made 19 embellished ATCs to trade with my new friends from the US, UK, and Australia. I learned how to creatively use my embellisher and I love it. One of my finished pieces hung in the Oshawa Fibre Art Show a couple of weeks ago.

I am going to finish with a tribute to my Oskar who died on August 25th, 2008. I will miss you always! Love you little buddy.


Genie said...

Hi Donna,
Sorry to read about your dog,
Love the ATC's and congratulations on your quilt getting such a great price for charity,

Rachel Murphree said...

Hi Donna -- wow, fantastic news on selling your quilt! and i'm sorry to hear about Oskar. My dog of 14 yrs died last august, it's a tough thing to go through. You'll have to announce when your article is published. Rachel (from CPS)

maggi said...

Great to see you blogging again Donna.