Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last Few Days In Florida!

My idea of the perfect cottage, I'm sure there is room for an artist's studio! This little cottage is in our neighbourhood in Madeira Beach where we take our walks. If only .....

This photo is of a very unique garden collection at a beach cottage. The amount of inspiring beach stuff was amazing. I loved it! This last week, hubby and I ventured into St. Petersberg to see the Dali Museum. Symbolism was Dali's specialty. I was thrilled to see his personal symbolism in his very weird paintings. When I taught Dali to the kids at school, I was not too far off in my interpretation of the symbolism.

More mail box art! This one is part of that cute pink cottage pictured above.

Personal Symbols Class: Lesson 2
This is my painted peltex using beach colours.

This is one of the pieces with stamping, splattering and painted starfish. I used a little fishes stamp, an abstract stamp for fimo and a real shell from the beach. I cut it up into post card size and covered it in gel medium ( decoupage glue).

Sketchbook doodles using beach symbols.
Combined symbols, from the beach.

Additional Symbols from the internet.

Finished postcard piece. Paper symbols glued on, stitched around, beaded. Button embellishments and found jewelery piece in upper right corner.

At the Beach
(the heart symbolizes my love of the beach)
My finished svar______ crystal reversable bracelet made at the Celestial Bead Shop in John's Pass yesterday. It was a challenge using needle and thread. Thank you to the teacher, Suzanne. I used two colours of crystals and two colours of 11 and 15 beads. It involves 3 distinct patterns circles sitting upon each other. It is so beautiful. I can hardly wait to show my beading buddy, Sandra!

My friend at the beach today. He sat near my chair for the lonest time! The breeze was cool,, the sun was warm and the sound of the waves was heavenly! For sure I am a Beach girl!!!


Corinne Loomer said...

Great job on Lesson#2!!!
Loved everything about work!
Love the cottage also!
love co

maggi said...

Thanks so much for sharing more of your photos with us. Love the postcard from the symbols class. I'm sure you will have amassed loads of material to work with, both form your holiday and your doodles.

magpie said...

Wow, Donna! So many completed magnificent pieces! You keeps so busy. I salute you! And how hard it must have been to leave that paradise..... for an Ontario winter? yuk!

Mary Anne said...

Oooh...I'm glad you left a comment on MY blog so I could backtrack and find YOURS!! I also think it's kinda funny that two Magpies are leaving comments for you...

Genie said...

some lovely work looks like you enjoyed your holiday