Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Organic Embroidery Class Finished!

Lesson 4 ' Bubble Wrap' a microscopic photo with fabric appliques on painted fabric

This is the first on line class I have completed! That is every lesson. I highly recommend classes with Susan Sorrell of Creative Chick. I love the simplicity of the lessons and the portability! I got many new ideas of how to create my own embroideries. Thank you Susan!

Bubble Wrap

Lesson 5 'Buff and White Tails' aerial photo, stitched on paper and lutradur

Buff and White Tails

Lesson 6 'Iapetus' Saturn's Moon surface, stitched on painted fabric.


Now, to go back and finish a couple of on line classes. I have learned something new with every class finished or not! I hope you enjoy looking at my embroideries!

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maggi said...

Your embroideries are beautiful Donna.