Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Exquisite Corpse Photos

My exquisite Corpse is home minus some arms! last year I took part in an Exquisite Corpse Round Robin organized by Arlee Barr. It was a lot of fun adding a body part to someone else's EC. We could not see what was above our block except for 1/2". Each participant started with a head of their choice. My blocks are in reverse in this blog.

Legs and feet from Nancy.

Shorts from Kate.

Corset from Emmy.

Torso from Debby.

My corpse head.

My friend, Anne Marie told me about Arlee's EC project. Here we are with our finished corpses.
I think I will add some arms and hands to my corpse, sorry Debby! I will add my efforts on the other corpses to my next blog, you'll see how they kind of go with my corpse head!

Organic Embroidery Class Finished!

Lesson 4 ' Bubble Wrap' a microscopic photo with fabric appliques on painted fabric

This is the first on line class I have completed! That is every lesson. I highly recommend classes with Susan Sorrell of Creative Chick. I love the simplicity of the lessons and the portability! I got many new ideas of how to create my own embroideries. Thank you Susan!

Bubble Wrap

Lesson 5 'Buff and White Tails' aerial photo, stitched on paper and lutradur

Buff and White Tails

Lesson 6 'Iapetus' Saturn's Moon surface, stitched on painted fabric.


Now, to go back and finish a couple of on line classes. I have learned something new with every class finished or not! I hope you enjoy looking at my embroideries!

Fibre Art Studios

The members of the Fibre Art Studios held a meeting last Sunday at Janet's to gather art for our show at the Abozzo Gallery in Oakville for the World of Threads Festival from Sept. 18th to October 4th. There are many venues and a lot of fibre art from 6 different fibre guilds. It will be a grand affair! I am taking part in 4 galleries and artist's receptions!
Back row: Penny Milton, B.J. Reid and Janet Rhind
First row: Deb Milton, Danielle T, Anne Marie Desaulnier, Me and Gordana Brelih. (Photo by Marda McLean)

Selection of work from Danielle, and Gordana.

A selection of work from, Anne Marie, Deb , Janet and myself.

Discussing our work! Gordana, Deb, Anne Marie, Danielle, B.J. and Penny.

Janet, Deb and Anne Marie.

Anne Marie, Danielle, B.J. and Penny.

Our meetings are always productive and we love to share techniques and new work or learnings!
Come see our 'Expressions' show at the Abozzo Gallery, 179 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville, September 18th to October the 4th. Reception: September 19th from 2 -4 pm.