Sunday, August 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home Challenge

 This is my entry to the Cloth Paper Scissors challenge, Home Sweet Home.
I used fabric collage and hand embroidery for all the details.

 This close up shows the paper doors and windows. I embroidered around each shape to make it look sketchy.

My favourite side with wisteria fgrowing on the walls.
La Maison de Fleur.
 I sent it off to the Cloth Paper Scissors offices after I made the finalist list.
  I hope it will be featured in their magazine.
This was a fun little project for sure! Opps a little fluff on the left side.


Anne Marie - Toronto said...

It's adorable!!!

Maggi said...

So lovely Donna. Congratulations on being a finalist. I will look out for it in a future issue.

Maggie R said...

I LOVE it.... Good luck

Talking Horses Arts said...

Good luck on your entry, sure hope they will take it. Its
beautiful! Awesome!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Congratulations on being a finalist; it's adorable!