Saturday, July 14, 2012

Posting From the Cottage

 I now have WiFi at the cottage thanks to our neighbours! Above is a sample art quilt from my Art Quilt class I just finished teaching at the Milton Centre for the Arts. The background is mixed media patchwork, phototransfer, tissue paper fabric and painted peltex plus size inchies.

This is a tiny finished collage called 'A Bird in Hand' displayed at the CEGG Open house in April. (Canadian Embroiderers' Guild Guelph) On canvas with DIY fabric background and tiny pieces of fabric collage.

My last unfinished watercolour painting from Sandra's Open Studio taught by Patricia Beader in May.
Sandra is looking for a new home for her Studio. I am anxious to start lessons again!

This is the front of our beloved cottage, very 1950's. Below is the back deck where I do most of my hand work and chilling! We are one block from the lake and today is a lovely day of nearly 30 degrees C and a nice little breeze! Must get outside and enjoy! Until next time......


Maggi said...

Love your cottage Donna. It would be nice to chill out on the deck with you.
I really like the sample art quilt and the collage. I'm glad that you showed the watercolour painting, very impressive. I hope that you are able to pick up those lessons again soon.

Anonymous said...
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