Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Machine Embroidery

Sample 1
Cut yarns under chiffon, and fancy machine stitches

 Learning Machine Embroidery at CEGG Class
Canadian Embroiderers' Guild Guelph
Teacher: Judy Eckhardt
The last 12 weeks I have been exploring the wonderful world of machine embroidery. Every other week we tried new techniques using our machines. The best advice I have for any one trying machine embroidery is to know how your machine works. It is also helpful to feel comfortable with free motion embroidery.

Sample two:  cut yarns and organza under tulle, free motion embroidery
For this sample I used some hand embroidered spirals using a back stitch and chain stitch. This piece will make a smashing book cover.

Sample Three:   cut fabrics under tulle, free motion zigzag
I cut away a piece for an ATC and I tried making a tree using just zigzag.

Samples for Lesson 4: Machine Lace,  stitching on wash- a -way badgemaster layered with organza
This technique is addictive.

Samples using just badgemaster only on the leaf and with a square of silk layered on

More leaf samples using organza and badgemaster. Variegated threads are very effective.

Another sample using the wash-a-way badgemaster and two layers of tulle

Last sample making machine embroidered trees in a hoop with badgemaster and tulle
A work in progress!

The ATC made for an exchange using machine embroidery techniques I learned.
Leah was the recipient of my card.

Finally, ta da!
I was inspired by a piece of fibre art in an old Stitch magazine. ( from the U.K.)
The background is chopped silk, cotton and organza pieces machine embroidered using  badgemaster.
The flowers are fused using silk fabrics. It was then machine stitched with hand embroidered accents.
I am eager to make several of these flower inspired pieces.
I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the possibilities of machine embroidery and lace. 


michelle said...

Ok showoff lol ! your pieces turned out so beautiful Donna ! have a wonderful christmas x

Maggi said...

Your samples are so lovely. I love this technique and really should use it more often. Have a very good Christmas.

Linda Kittmer said...

Beautiful Donna. I hope to see them in person! I especially love the last one. Stunning!