Friday, March 14, 2014

My Pfaff breaks again!

Don't get me wrong I love my machine. But now I know any little pull when it jams of sets the bobbin holder inside off kilter and the needle wouldn't go down. Bad! Can't fix it myself. So off we go to Sewing Machines Etc.  for a 3rd repair of this kind. It may need to go to the factory.

So I set up my old Pfaff and gave it oil and cleaned out some of the inside. It looks like some glue was spilt down the lever up and down for the presser foot. I have used this machine for classes.
 Any way it works ok, and is quite good for free motion sewing. It will do for now. Its my workhorse for sewing up jeans. No need to panic, I can still work on a new project for a juried show using sari ribbon.
Until next time,

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Maggi said...

Thank goodness you have another machine which you can work with for the time being. It certainly sounds as though they need to do something radical to sort the problem out for you.

Look forward to seeing the result of this piece and good luck getting it juried into the show.