Monday, February 9, 2009

New Puppy!

This is the new puppy we chose today!!!! I just have to finalize the deal and pick up is March 1st! I think his name will be Otis or Otie! I'd like to spell it Oatie, like the cereal! I just couldn't wait to blog tomorrow! But I will have other news in my fibrejournal for tomorrow!

Another very cute photo!

That's all of him! I asked hubby to chose from two puppies that looked like twins! It will really be his dog like Oskar was. BTW, Oatie is a black and silver miniature schnauzer from Sandra Gambles pups in Niagara Falls. Until tomorrow, happy doggie dreams!


Monica said...

He's so cute! I'm sure he'll be great company

KaiteM. said...

Ooohh Oatie is such a sweetheart, i just love black and white baby puppies. Make sure you post lots of baby puppy pics. K.

maggi said...

Oh Donna he is so beautiful (or should that be handsome). Bet you are itching for March 1st to arrive.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I want one tooooooooooo! (Well, actually, I don't, because we have two dogs already - but if we didn't, I'd want one). Awwww...such a cute puppy and a perfect name.

Patty said...

Oh he's perfect! I got my own pup,
Opie (mini Doxey), the first of March
5 years ago. Brought him home and he cried all the way so I joined in and cried with him (or howled). You should have seen his expression!

I settled in for the afternoon on the
bed with lots of toys for him and a good book for me along with a sock from his home with familiar smells for him.

I think after that afternoon he realized it wasn't going to be such a bad place. Taking a few days off to just "be" with him
was a good way for us to get the hang of each other.

Such a sweet time ahead of you!
Enjoy!! Patty

magpie said...

He is too cute for words, Donna. Have you made him a quilt yet?