Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trades from Friends and Baby Madelyn

This is my grand niece, Madelyn Sarah, who was born in Newfoundland about 11 weeks ago. We finally got to meet this last Sunday! She is so cuddly she just melts into your shoulder. She smells so baby sweet!

This is some random stitching I did while on holiday onto some hand painted fabrics. No idea yet of a project to put them into!

These are my trades from the Cyber Fyber ATC exchange. The first on the left is from Robbie Payne, the middle is from Doreen Gray and the one on the right is from Kate North. They are a great addition to my collection.

These are my 4 x4 crazy quilt swaps from Cloth Paper Studio. The top left CQ is from Rachel Murphree. The top right is one I made. The bottom left is from Liz Kettle. Liz is part of the dynamic duo Goddess Within Designs with Debbie Bates. I have met both ladies in my fibre art travels. The bottom right CQ is from Linda Moyes. They are all so unique! I am participating in the next swap which is a heart theme CQ 4 x4. It is so nice to get surprises in the mail.
Happy news for me, my article Easy Manipulated Landscapes is now published in Fibre and Stitch and it looks great. I was thrilled to receive a cheque in the mail as well! I thought I was doing it for the the satisfaction of being published! My friend, Carol Weibe also has an article published in the same issue. On a sad note, Fibre and Stitch has only one more issue before closing down. :( My Exquisite Corpse round robin is ready for the mail. So sorry, I can not put a photo of it here. It is a secret until next August.
We are counting down the days until Oatie comes to his forever home. Hubby and I watched alot of the Dog Whisperer on holiday to get our doggie fix! I enjoyed the 10 Chihuahuas from hell! He made them all into balanced follow the pack leader dogs.

Lastly, a photo of Maddie and her great aunt Donna, me! I tend to like photos that really only reveal my smile and my new highlighted do. Until next week friends! Thanks for reading my fibrejournal!

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maggi said...

Hi Donna - your manipulated landscape article is great. I agree, very sad there is only one more issue to come. Some lovely work going on here - surprised you have time looking after a baby (who incidentally is very cute). There is a little something for you over on my blog. Maggi xx