Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Postcard Workshop and a Forever Home for Puppy

Happiness is a Warm Puppy!
Hi all, this is my son Matt with our new puppy on pickup day. Oatis is giving Matthew a welcome kiss. All is going well on the homefront. Oatis is going outside for his business and had his first visit to the vet today. He seems to have adapted to sleeping in his doggy crate as well. All in two days.
The day before I was teaching a workshop to some gals from the Yorkshire Rose Quilt Guild in Toronto. We were making fibre postcards in the morning and learning the basics of using the embellisher machine in the afternoon. Below are some wonderful works of art by the ladies. ( Mary Lou, Sandi, Karen, Coral, Karen. Carol, Deb and Katie)

Carol's impressionist type collage was amazing.

Karen has a keen eye for colour and using her fabric as design. The embroidery and beading was very effective!

I just loved this postcard by Karen about the dog beach.

Here are most of the gals admiring each other's work. I had a wonderful time sharing what I know about fibre art. I felt like I made eight new friends. Lunch was delicious and a very nice treat at a workshop. Thank you to Deb for arranging this workshop for me.

Finally, I am all consumed with this new little being in our home. He is still little at 6.9 pounds. He is a very warm little body when he sits on your lap. I am going to enjoy him as much as I can while he is a puppy. Besides he is just too cute. Until next week, love your pets!


Dolores said...

Your new puppy is such a cutie. I hope he brings you years and years of laughter and love. I loved the work from the workshop. It's always nice to see someone else's creativity.

KaiteM. said...

wow there's a lot of serious work in those PCs, they are beautiful.
Love little Oatey, sorry but i still like that one. Is he on your beds yet? K.