Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun Fibre Retreat

Delightful flowers outside the Erie Beach Hotel in Port Dover on Lake Erie.

My group of four fibre artists, ( the Material Girls ), had a little retreat at my cottage at Turkey Point last week. We stitched, painted, and discussed everything fibre art. One highlight was our dinner at the Erie Beach which is famous for its salad cart and celery bread. I particularly like the horseradish jello and pickled pumpkin. After dinner we shopped in the area and found some very nice things to buy. Marda found these giant keys for her studio and couldn't resist a new straw bag. I bought a cute little nest with three eggs in it for my book shelf. Later, we all enjoyed ice cream at the local stand in Turkey Point.

Janet, in front, Marda and Leslie.

Janet, me and Leslie.

A view of the board walk in Port Dover.

Oatie, sleeping finally in his bed after a hard day of watching us make art! Note his toy he got at a garage sale, a Tasmanian Devil. He carried it home by himself.

A very good time was had by all, we made painted journal pages and worked on cloth doodles to trade with each other.

I've started another class with Susan Sorrell of Creative Chick Studio. This is my Organic Embroidery Sampler in progress.

A close up of Lesson One. This is really fun!

At the cottage, Oatie and I stayed over the weekend, I finished my sock stuffie. I call it Little Brown Dog. He is made from a pair of my socks and it is completely hand sewn. I used pipcleaners to give the ears some character, like Oatie's ears.

I traded for some journal pages with the Cloth Paper Studio ladies. This is one side.

Side 2.

Dotee Doll swap! I got one of my own back!

Postcard from Kathie Meyers. (Fibrein2Art Forum)

I sent my postcard naked through the mail today to Norma Soulet. The lady at the post office was so impressed that I got wonderful service. I think I made her day! Its nice to brighten some one's day with your art! Until next week, stitch away!


maggi said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Little Brown Dog is really cute and I love the colours in your organic embroidery sampler.

zquilts said...

Send me your addy so I can pop your ATC in the mail !

Pam said...

Love the little brown dog. Great idea to use the pipe cleaners. I'll have to remember that one.

Carol Wiebe said...

Looks like great fun. I love your name, and have a little story about being a Material Girl.

A teacher requested my picture at the school where I work so she could show the new students who "Mrs. Wiebe" was (they come to me for a Literacy/Library time each week). I sent two pics: one of me and one of Madonna, informing the teacher that Madonna was the Material Girl and I was The Materials Girl (library materials), so we were interchangeable.

And, of course, we look like identical twins.