Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Three Times a Charm

Lesson 2 With Creative Chick, Organic Embroidery

Again I am having a great time doing an on line class with Susan Sorrell. I love the freedom of working whenever I want and having all my materials right here. Often I make meals and paint backgrounds in the dining room at the same time. Proximity of my art space is important to how much I get done. Above is a photo of seeds I found in the neighbourhood manipulated on my HP 927 camera. Below is an original photo.

It is important to follow your lesson as you go along. I ended up doing it three times. I'll have three different art pieces based on the same photos.

This is effort number 2, the correct size but I stitched on the wrong side of the lutradur. All the sparkle and print is on the other side.

This is effort # 1, wrong size, too big at 8"x10". It will take forever and a day to stitch the inside patterns.

This is finally effort #3, correct size and the lutradur is the correct side up. I have had a lot of practise with the back stitch. I switched to pearl cotton which I had to rescue from Oatie dog, he was all tangled in it with the ball in his mouth and he wasn't giving it back. After the outlining I will be adding pattern to my shapes using a variety of stitches. Stay tuned for the finished projects! P.S. I finished Lesson 1!

Finished Cloth Doodle for Material Girl, Janet.

Cloth Doodle for Marda.

Cloth Doodle for Leslie!

Close Up of 'Nesting'. I hope you like it Leslie!

Finally, I was busy writing an artist's statement for my quilt that will be in the juried show, The Common Thread, in September during The World of Threads Festival. Thank goodness, my new Q' Arts Magazine had a very good article about writing these statements. Must get back to work! Toodles to Maggie, who always reads my blog!


maggi said...

And I thought it was only men who launched into things without reading the instructions first! Seriously though I really like what you have done with the photo and your mistakes will not be wasted. Can't wait to see what the next lesson brings.
Your cloth doodles are great and well done for getting your quilt into a juried show. Maggi x

Carol Wiebe said...

Hi, Donna! You are creating up a storm. How wonderful that the Sorrell classes are providing so much inspiration.

Congratulations on the piece in Common Thread!