Monday, January 11, 2010

Fertile Earth

Fertile Earth Class with Susan Sorrell
Lesson 1 Fruits and Vegetables
Romaine Lettuce
Manipulated Photo of cut end of Romaine Lettuce

Solarized Photo

My background fabric and Romaine Lettuce

First Print with the leaf

Several prints using cut end and leaf of the romaine

Finished printed fabric
I used Jacquard and Setacolor paints. I sponged the paint on and made a relief print. I couldn't find my brayer to roll the paint out. Stay tuned for the manipulated photo to be applied to the fabric to create stitch! I'll use the black and white version.


Susan A said...

Donna, you did a wonderful job painting your fabric, I'm impressed. You now have a wonderful base for your project.
Susan A

maggi said...

The printing is really good and I love your manipulated photos. I think the black and white one will be a good choice.

Anonymous said...

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