Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Technique for January 2010

I joined Susan Sorrell's Technique of the month Challenge. This is my new technique that was shared in my little fibre art group. I used a brown paper Bag to start with. I then added designs from a Australian Aboriginal art work I found on the Internet with oil pastel. I washed it with acrylic paint. I then added drips of wax candle or covered the surface with wax candle. The reverse side of the papers were painted with acrylic coloured gesso, to create a textured surface.

The ends results were ripped, hole punched and embellished with stitches. I really liked my sketchbook page more than the larger piece. The assemblage certainly was a challenge! I think I will use the papers in other projects. I had a fun day playing with my friends.

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maggi said...

I think both the sketchbook page and the worked piece look really interesting.