Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Tribute to Sweet Bailey

One of our beloved furry family members was sent to doggy heaven on Friday, February 5Th after a brief illness. Bailey had lived 15 years with my sister, Brenda and her family. Emily, my niece grew up with Bailey. She shared all her chocolate chip cookies with the Black Blaster, our nick name for Bailey. He is now in heaven with our dog, Oskar. We called them cousins since they came from the same breeder in Welland.

I took these photos of Bailey at Christmas time, 2008. He was a very energetic dog even in old age. He loved to run around the house with his stuffed moose in his mouth. We called it the Moosey dance!

Goodbye, sweet Bailey! We have such happy memories of you. We will miss you dearly! Love from Oatis!

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maggi said...

He is so cute and will now be able to play with Oskar forever.