Sunday, March 14, 2010

Artists Galore in Cedar Key!

We have been home for a while but I have such fond memories of Cedar Key and its artist's community. On one of my local walks with Oatie, we visited an artist's studio and store front called Beauty by the Yard. The artist was absent but left instructions for making purchases. We ventured under the canopy studio and saw a variety of concrete sculpted items for sale. We were cheeky enough to peek in the backyard to see a beautiful garden and a huge sculpture made of concrete. It was enchanting! imagine living in a community where your studio can be outdoors all the time.
Even empty store fronts contain humorous art work!

This the sign that guided me to Beauty by the Yard.

This building is the Artist's Co-op. I spent considerable time there doing some shopping! I discovered that a Canadian woman started the co-operative and willed the building to the artists. It has a main floor sales room and a second floor gallery with studio space! There was to be a silk dying workshop on the weekend we were there. I bought a silk dyed scarf instead.

This is me at the Barefoot Art Gallery and Coffee shop. This is a very friendly place. During my week in Cedar Key I ran into the people I met in the stores a few times with friendly greetings. In all there were 4 art galleries and one great consignment shop that enticed me. I can hardly wait to go back next year!

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