Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fertile Earth Continued

A Super Looking Pooch on Vacation!
I've been reading a very good book called 'The Dog Rules: Damn Near Everything!'It is very humorous and I can totally identify with the author's experiences with his dog, a border collie called Jake.
Fertile Earth Lesson 4
Ginkgo Leaves

Clams from Cedar Key
Inspiration for Lesson 5

Close up of Ginkgo Leaves
This is my favourite lesson so far.

Fertile Earth lesson 3
Layers of Stitch
I am continuing to work on my fertile Earth lessons. I am completing Lesson 2 at this time. My next project will be my entry to the Threadworks Show for April. The theme is Trees but I think I have a unique idea in mind displaying my style! Stay tuned!

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maggi said...

Beautiful Fertile Earth pieces. I have got so behind with this owing to try to get a couple of show quilts done. The book sounds good and Oatie looks very attentive and handsome.