Saturday, April 17, 2010

Canadian Embroiderers' Guild, Guelph Open House

Fresno, a guide dog in training at the Open House

My CD Challenge Block, "Leaf" for the Ontario Network of Needleworkers
Woven rug canvas stitched, thread sandwich leaf, beaded

A mini landscape
stitched by Allison

Beautiful Embroidery

Embroidered Garden

A Brooch

Bayeau Embroidery
by Margaret

My Darned Landscape
This was very addictive to stitch.

Quilt by Ellen

Goddess by Cynthia
who trains guide dogs
These were just some of the marvelous artworks at our Open House last Tuesday. Many people dropped by to see the finished artworks from the year. This is a great teaching guild that offers two classes a year with extra workshops and afternoon programs. I had a wonderful time this year meeting new people and sharing stitching projects. Thanks to Ruth who taught the Mini Landscapes and Renata who taught the Knotted Gardens. My Autumn Trees is finished (see last post) and my Parterre Garden is still In Progress!


maggi said...

-Thank you so much for these photos Donna, what beautiful work. Your Leaf is beautiful and I can certainly see why your woven landscape would be addictive, gorgeous.

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