Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stitchalong and Trees Entries

I have been enjoying doing the Stitchalong every evening. I am journalling my daily events in stitch. It has been a challenge every evening to reflect upon the day's events and interpret it in a single illustration. Somehow I have managed to focus on the positives. Above is a nesting square related to my stitchery guild's theme for our challenge.
A Spring crocus, Go Green with my personal symbol, a tree for my Trees entries, an Easter egg and bunny, a darned square for a project I am doing, Echinaceas, a favourite flower

A heart and a key, needle and thread for a day of stitching

Finally after 3 days of finishing stitching, I completed my postcard hanging for the Threadworks Juried Show. I made 10 Go Green Postcards each containing a message to the good earth. I mounted them on painted rug canvas that I wove strips of fabric around the edges and in some blank spots and machine stitched on top. I put hours of work into each postcard with embroidery and beading. The consistent fabric in each postcard is the painted one with the machine embroidered tree. I used a couple of new eco type fabrics but all the rest were scraps that were repurposed and reused. Some were skating costume scraps form my friend, Sandra. I had a great sense of accomplishment and of a job well done. I called it 'The Message'. The hardest part was deciding on a name!

This is my second entry called Autumn Trees. It is completely hand stitched with one strand of embroidery floss. It was started in class at my Embroidery Guild in Guelph. It was one of the most difficult projects I've ever undertaken, blending the fall colours in stitch. The large rock has coloured scrim under the stitches.
Today, I drove to Elora to pick up my entries because sadly they were not juried into the show. Yesterday, I was so disappointed! And I thought why do I do this to myself? But 12 hours later I had a plan of what to do with my entries. I believe when one door closes another door opens. When I arrived in Elora at the Museum, I saw 'The Message' on a table waiting to be hung! I still wasn't sure until I checked with one of the members. Yes!
I hadn't been sent an email of my results. I did get an apology and explanation. My faith in my hard work and creativity has been restored! Why do I need this affirmation? When I no longer feel disappointment when rejected that will be a time for celebration!

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maggi said...

Congratulations on getting The Message into the show. It is really lovely. I am surprised that Autumn Trees didn't get in though as it is gorgeous. Don't be too disheartened when pieces don't get juried in, the process can be so subjective. I think also we all need the affirmation of our work at times. The important thing is to try to keep true to yourself and know that what you are doing is worthwhile in itself.