Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grand National Favourites

Sculpture by Gordana Breilh

Grand National Quilt Show

'Off the Wall"

Amazing hand drawn and painted fibre art by Jill Buckley!

Another Favourite

This one is about garbage!

Amazing detail!

My personal Favourite: Water

During, a day off from teaching, my friend and I visited the Homer Watson Museum to see the Grand National Quilt Show. It was amazing! Such truly unique fibre art. I've only listed my personal favourites here. I, again was rejected from this show. But I know I need to improve my fibre art projects for this show. And it didn't stop me from enjoying all this fibre art. Hopefully there will be a show next year, since there were no postings of next year's theme.

I loved this unique museum set in the lovely village of Doon. The house is the former home of Homer Watson, the famous painter. We were given a personal tour of Watson's paintings and artifacts by the curator. I asked about Homer's sister Phoebe, who is apparently the resident ghost! True, there have been encounters with Phoebe by visitors to the gallery.

It was a wonderful artist's date!

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What amazing pieces Donna.