Monday, July 26, 2010

Impromptu Art

Art from Flowers!
At the cottage a couple of weeks ago I started playing with some flowers sitting on the table. ( Flox and a expired Rose of Sharon)

My new studio space before order.
One bird has finally left the nest!
This room has become my paint room and storage for all my felting supplies. More photos soon.

Crayon melted on cotton, acrylic paint wash, foiled in gold, machine embroidery and hand stitching
A few weeks ago, I was totally inspired by Canadian Fibre artist Wendy Feldberg. I read about her art and techniques in the new e-mag In Stitches from Quilting Arts. This is the end result! I highly recommend the e-mag, it is so interactive! I emailed Wendy to tell her how excited I was about her art. She replied immediately!

Close up!

Another melted crayon piece, with roses.
I plan to make samall purses from these pieces.

This was a UFO. I painted the fabric with Setacolours, set down some machine quilted lines and heavily hand embroidered it on holiday. Then nothing, set in a pile of UFOs, until I discovered Leah Day's 365 days of Free motion quilting on line. Wow, I was very impressed. I decided to make a journal of drawn quilting designs of Leah's. Drawing the designs helps you to stitch them continuously later. I ordered Leah's quilting aids and was thrilled with the Magic Genie Bobbin Washers. Free motion quilting has never been easier. The washer keeps the lower bobbin thread from appearing on the top of your quilt. You can easily used a neutral thread in the bobbin and any colour on the top! Heaven. I decided to machine quilt the rest of my piece and it looks lovely!

Pebbles in the Stream
Until next time, and much sooner! Keep stitching!

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Wow these are gorgeous Donna.