Saturday, November 20, 2010

This and That!

It seems to be getting harder to find time to blog! I have been teaching fibre art classes this fall and going to Open Studio at the home of my friend Sandra. She teaches Mixed Media classes a couple of times a week. It is such a joy to go to each week! So I have been busy and I am trying to catch up with this collection of photos. Above is a photo of my art work from the Studio tour in October.

My friend Amanda Gonsalves, a wonderful Mixed Media artist. She inspires me!

My inchies before they were sent in to trade. They are on a background of paper recycled from my Rose Journal. I added bits of lace, sequins, and beads with a buttonhole stitch around the outside edge. The trade was with members of Cloth Paper Studios Yahoo Group. Thanks Anne Marie for handling the trade.

These are some of my Keepsake Wallets I made for Studio Tour. I sold a few of them. I sent 6 of them to the Magazine, A Needle Pulling Thread. They will be published in their Spring Issue along with instructions on how to make them! I am very thrilled to be a published author!

Here is some fabric paper I made before my sewing machine got SICK. I just love my electronic PFAFF with its differential feed. But I did not use a Surge Protector and it was somehow damaged. I was also sewing a small box using the above paper! I thought maybe my Pfaff was just rebelling. I took it to Sewing Machines Etc. in Burlington, Ontario. Nick was able to take it to the Pfaff factory for me and managed to get it fixed under warranty!!!! Yes! I am so grateful to Nick. So please patronize his store if you live nearby. I highly recommend Sewing Machines Etc.

These are some Zentangles from a workshop I ran for the Fine Arts Society of Milton. Deb Kopeschny was our certified Zentangle teacher. Contact her at if you wish to have her teach for you.

This is a partial photo of my very first collage on canvas in a class at Sandra's Open Studio with Sharon Chalmers. Sharon is a very talented Calligrapher and Collage Artist. I absolutely loved doing this. It is nearly completed and I wish to add a very little bit of stitch to it. I used decorated papers, tissue paper, National Geographic images, paint, collage bits and gesso.

Bookmarks sold at the Studio Tour. I sold quite a few items and loved being in Waldies Blacksmith shop with 6 other artists.

Lastly, my forgotten inspiration page spread for my Rose Journal. I need to get back to my journal and finish it! So busy, so little time. Its hard to believe I am RETIRED! But I am loving living an art-full life!


maggi said...

So much lovely work to comment on Donna. I love the inchies, you have put so much work into them. Congratulations on getting your keepsake wallets into the magazine - 2nd time you have been published or don't you count e-zines? The wallets are really lovely. The colours in your collage spread are beautiful and stitch will really enhance it. I am glad that you got your sewing machine fixed, sounds like a good store.

Carol Wiebe said...

Congrats on the upcoming publication. It is great to be TOO BUSY to blog if it is WONDERFUL things that are filling your time!

arts4all said...

Gorgeous stuff!! I'm a new follower, and look forward to more ;-)