Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Pelican and Circles

Lesson 2 Mixed Media with Paper and Stitch

This is my paper collaged pelican on a post. I stenciled the shells and added some stamping. It is machined stitched and has some hand seeding stitch. The waves and fish are collaged paint on art tissue.

 Lesson 3
Painted and stenciled background

Squares of fabric and paper circles and donuts glued down.

A layer of gesso over the whole background

Cut into 4 pieces reassembled and paper circles removed.

Fabric and paper Circle shapes added

Ready to assemble together

Reassembled with a zigzag stitch

Close up below with hand and machine stitches. Embellished with beads. This was a very interesting project with great results!

Close of Pelican


Linda K. said...

Donna, I love the circles. All of the interesting layers and then the stitching and embellishing are beautiful. I hope I'll see it in person on Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

I do like the way that you have documented the steps of this lovely piece. That is one very contented looking pelican.