Friday, April 15, 2011

A Sneak Preview from Fabric Collage TOM

Starting tomorrow, I will be the Guest Artist on 3 Creative Studios Website! This is a photo from my Technique of the month, Fabric Collage.

This what you start with, lots of scraps!
Below is what you may end up with! Please join me and try the TOM for some prizes!


Kathy said...

I just found you from the magazine special you are doing. I can't wait to see how you make those scraps into something beautiful. I am definitely going to try the TOM. You are amazing!!!!

HollyM said...

I just discovered your blog through the Creative Studios newsletter. I love your work! We seem to have a lot of similarities although you are much more advanced than I am.
I am a teacher (taught some art), retired, and I like dabble in sketching nature. I also like to work intuitively, while keeping design and color in mind(sometimes I forget).

Anonymous said...

Just read your very interesting interview on the 3 Creative Studios blog and have printed off the TOM. Feeling inspired.