Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All about Oatie

Calling all dog lovers. Now here is something to howl about! Oatis is about 14 weeks old and is having many firsts!

His first raincoat with detachable hood!

His first bath at his forever home!

His first home haircut! No more puppy cut for Oatis. He looks like a real mini Schnauzer now! Look at that tongue!

The new polished Oatie! I didn't realize his ears stuck out so much. He was getting so furry, he looked fat! Oatis had his last expensive shots this week as a puppy. Soon he will be neutered, so he can have a nice long life.
I have been busy stitching and teaching this past week. I have two deadlines to make for our Stitchery Guild Meeting, for next Monday. One, is our Guild project for the Ontario Network of Needleworker's annual meeting. I am putting together a kind of quilt! I got the idea from an old issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I am really loving that magazine! I am also working on my Go Green Challenge for the Guild. We exchanged secret scrap and mixed media bags in October and our challenges are due next week. I started by making some paper fabric and studying Beryl Taylor's Mixed Media Explorations book. Most of my scrap bag contained leather and lace!!!! But I came up with some ideas and now the pressure is on to finish!! I will have photos for next week. I also signed up with Darren of Problogger for How to Improve your Blog in 31 days. I am already behind! I hope to get to it soon. Until next time.... keep stitching!


maggi said...

He is just so gorgeous Donna. I have to admit that he does look pathetic in the pic after he had been bathed. I wonder what we can expect form your new and improved blog. Maggi x

Betweens said...

Oatie...is adorable and very well behaved!! I hope his raincoat still fits him after all that hair is gone.
Glad your classes are going well..we had a great time when you visited our quild Yorkshire rose. I am hoping that members who took your workshop will contribute some of their works in our Mini Quilt auction on May 13th..LOL