Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ontario Network of Needleworkers

This week I was fortunate enough to go to the annual meeting of the Network of Needleworkers representing the Oakville Stitchery Guild. This year it was held in Peterborough in the Kawarthas. The Guild in Peterborough put on a very fine meeting in the Evinrude Center with very good food. The displays of work from 16 different guilds were awesome. I got so many ideas and was able to take many pictures to share with the guild. I took our guild project, St. Peter Patch and our Go Green Challenges for our display. Above is part of our display with a variety of projects all made from recycled materials.

This is a fibre art piece made by Jan Vinnai and a doll made by Sherry Del Rizzo.

A unique fibre book made by Heather Van Reisen and a beautiful wallhanging by Val Garnett

A photo of our whole display of Go Green Challenges.

A close up of a St. Peter block made with paper, stitch witchery, watercolour crayons and fabric made by Sybil Rampen. Sybil held the Mycon workshop at Joshua Creek Studio for our members. My job was to complete the project. I backed each block with peltex, black fabric and quilting cotton. Also, I added embroidery to each block.

Another block made by Sandra Spagnuolo during our Guild At Work Day.

The whole Guild project hanging at ONN. I added cotton strapping and ribbon between each block to create a gridded wall hanging. We are planning to enter our Guild's St. Peter Patch into the Guilded Threads Show in September at the World of Threads in Oakville.

Above is a photo of my small fibre art piece called Black Dog, Blue Chair. It recently sold on the last day of my show. Last of all, my name on the street in front of the Greenwood Quiltery Gallery in Guelph.

Tomorrow I am off to the Grand National Postcard Reception at the Joseph Schneider Haus in Kitchener. More exciting news on that next week.


maggi said...

Good to see your name 'in light' so to speak and how good that Black Dog, Blue Chair sold, it is a lovely piece. What an interesting selection of projects, you must have really enjoyed seeing all those and the St. Peter hanging is beautiful. Can't wait to see what you get up to at the postcard reception. Maggi

Virginia Wieringa said...

Excellent and fascinating blog!