Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting Ready for a Holiday

Oatie is relaxing while I am getting all my art work ready to take on holiday. This is a very strange way for a dog to relax! Don't you think?

These are my Puffy Hearts I made and sent to Sue at Cloth Paper Studios for a swap.They are made from lovely dyed cotton velvet from Fabric Art Shop in Lake City in Florida. We leave this weekend for our annual trip to Florida.
We are going back to Cedar Key, islands in rural Florida.

My collage from the Strathmore workshop with Pam Carriker. This is after lesson 3. One more lesson to do.

A collage made at Sandra's Open Studio. What to do with it now. I am tempted to cut it up into smaller works.

Sketchbook Challenge page. I did Lyric's lesson on portraits. I check the website everyday to see what new cool stuff is on it!
This year I am bordering all my pages on the right side.
This border was made by AnneMarie.

Finally friends, another sketchbook page using a photo of me that I altered. I like it but I should have made myself umm, slimmer!
But I am a Princess! who cares.
Next fibrejournal will come from Lovely Cedar Key!


Monica said...

I love your collage. I hope you enjoy your holiday.

michelle said...

Hi Donna, pages look wonderful !! missd you at the guild. I hope you have a fabulous trip in Florida take time to relax have fun

michelle x

maggi said...

That is one very relaxed pooch. Your pages are great. Have a wonderful holiday, you always come back with such marvellous inspiration.

Anonymous said...

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