Friday, January 21, 2011

Calendar and Sketchbook Challenge

Here is a little bit of my Quilting Arts Calendar Challenge Entry.
Yes, it is Oatis!

I first made my background from fabric and paper and paint.

I drew my cartoon drawings on vintage feed sack and thread sketched them on my sewing machine.
They are coloured with pencil crayons.

This is the back of the fabric paper. I free motion stitched around the motifs from the back.

Here is the finished 12"x 12" art quilt, called:
Oatie is in a large bucket while gathering leaves at the cottage.
Oatie playing with the neighbour's black cat.
Oatie sleeping with his paws up. Yep, he really does.
Oatie standing while we dance to the Black Eyed Peas: Boom,boom,pow!
Finally a portrait!
I made this art quilt in a mere 3 days and had the photos in the mail.
But alas, I didn't make the list of finalists,
but I have a very cute quilt!

A page from my new 2011 Sketchbook.
Sketchy animals drawn while traveling in my new car.

My Highly Prized Page for the Sketchbook Challenge.
I followed a video instructed by Pam Carriker.
I am really loving Pam's art.
She has a book coming out soon called, Art at the Speed Of Life.
The little girl is a copy of an old photo I bought in Florida.

A birthday card I made for my friend Sandra Spagnuolo, a mixed media artist.
The focal point is from an old pattern I found in an antique market.
I hope you have time to check out the Sketchbook Challenge.
I am enjoying it daily!


morningDove said...

these are wonderful, i love whimsy. the quilt should have placed its so full of life.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Well, isn't Oatie just the character? I didn't know that you were a frustrated cartoonist? I can just see Oatie frolicking in a children's book. Have you ever thought of doing that?

maggi said...

I would have loved to have seen that page on the calendar, it sums him up so wonderfully. Good to see that you are keeping up with your Sketchbook Challenge.