Saturday, June 23, 2012

Second Art Quilt Classes Finished

ATCs made at Art Quilt Class

Just finished teaching 6 classes at the Milton Centre for the Arts on Wednesday. I had a delightfully small class of 3! We explored fabric collage with mixed media for the 6 weeks. My three students were repeat students having completed my October 2011 offering. The only suggestion made was that we need more classes from 6 - 8 weeks.
As a final project we exchanged ATCs with each other using our new techniques and surfaces, such as mixed media patchwork, tissue paper cloth, lutradur,  tyvek, photo transfer foil, angelina ... I enjoyed it as much as the students.
Next edition of Art Quilt class starts October 9th at MCA.

                 Row 1: made by Sue, Tess and Tess

                                                  Row 2: Tess, Donna and Sharon

Row 3: Donna, Sharon, Sue

Row 4: Sharon, Donna Sue


Trillian said...

Wonderful ATCs. They are all so colorful! I love them.

Linda Kittmer said...

They're all wonderful Donna. It sounds like it would have been a fun class.

Maggi said...

Great ATCs Donna. I do like the idea of having regular classes over longer period as it means that you really have time to develop techniques.