Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cloth Paper Scissors - PAGES

 Yes, that is my Journal at the bottom of the cover of the latest Pages Issue. It has all the green buttons on it. I was so excited to see my art on the cover as well as an article inside. I am even in the table of contents! I was contacted while I was in Florida that Jenn Mason wanted my "Rose Journal" for their next issue. Whoohoo! But I needed to get home and put the finishing touches on the journal. We left on the last day in February and two days later I was finishing it up and putting it in the mail. |I wrote the article while I was in Cedar Key and sent it off by email.

This is page one of my two page spread. Sorry for the light glare.

This is the cover view of my Rose Journal.
I dedicate it to my mom. Her name is Rose!
I hope you will consider getting "Pages" from CPS. It is a terrific magazine. :>)

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Maggi said...

Just catching up with more lovely pages. Also forgot to tell you that I bought Pages a while back and your Rose Journal is gorgeous.