Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Art Fest

Happy Tuesday!

I am posting my embellished bookmarks given as gifts to my friends in my Material Girls Fibre Art group. They were chosen for this week's Art Fest featured art on the Cloth Paper Studio yahoo group main page. Some members of the group wrote wonderful things about my art work. It was chosen by last week's artist Agnieszka who has a wonderful blog at latarnia.wordpress.com
I am in the final stages of my article for Fibre and Stitch Online Zine for their issue on raised surfaces. I am writing about using wire form in a landscape. ( photo below ) If you are interested in subscribing go to fibre and stitch.com . I am in my second year of subscribing and recommend Fibre and Stitch for its interesting articles on technique with a variety of projects. One of the blogs I follow is Sue B's ( editor )because of the amazing books that she makes. I took a couple of Sue's classes using mixed media.

Wire form

I've sent out my Pay It Forward hand painted fabrics to Calgary, Derbyshire and El Paso. I painted these in Elora at he School of art in a class with Gunnell Hag. Gunnell sells and promotes the Color Vie system of painting. She paints amazing fabrics herself, some for the Arts and Drama Community in Toronto. ( The Lion King )

This week I won't be busy doing art at home or housework ! I am working at a very special school, Chris Hadfield Public School in Milton. I am teaching Special Education in which I get to work with all grade levels. I want to say hello to all my grade 7 friends who have checked out my blog. I really enjoy helping you and your teacher, Erin, in the Art room. Erin told me about a extraordinary photographer, Chris Jordan. His art focuses on major problems in our communities like etrash. I've been researching websites with his art in preparation for Erin to do an Art unit inspired by his photography. Rachel Ray has an interesting video cast featuring Chris Jordan on her website.

My horoscope for today under Gemini: When the going gets rough, it is easy to forget that every moment is a precious gift and a unique opportunity to find and celebrate the magic of creation.No matter which way time is flowing for you, it is determinedly leading you to something very good. (Phil Booth, Toronto Star)
Until next Tuesday, happy stitching!


Monica said...

Hi Donna, your bookmarks are beautiful.

Sue B said...

Those bookmarks are gorgeous!

maggi said...

Love the bookmarks Donna. I look forward to the article in Fibre and Stitch to which I subscribe anyway. Hope you have a good and rewarding week with your Special Education project. Can't wait for the fabric to arrive.

Denise said...

Donna, the bookmarks are amazing! Your friends will certainly appreciate them. ~Denise