Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dale's Challenge

Two of my ATCs

Atc trade from Embellish,stitch and enrich class

I have been working on my art piece for the challenge for The Thread Studio, Dale Rollerson's website in Australia. The embellishing went fairly fast and I am now working on the hand embroidery with my motif that I have chosen for the theme 'Connections'. I have found my personal style I think with the embellisher. The motif just happened as I embroidered following an embellished piece of yarn. I used it on a ATC and a bookmark I made. The real challenge will be sending my art to Australia on time. If I am included in this show my art will travel several venues in Australia. I'm hoping to make a few embellished backgrounds to take on vacation to hand embroider, too bad I can't take everything with me to Madeira Beach in Florida. I am so looking forward to palm trees, tropical sunsets, warm breezes walks on the beach and fish for supper every night. Our landlord called and it is 80 degrees in Madiera beach. http://www.thethreadstudio.com/ Go to Challenge.
In other news, I am having my first solo show at the Greenwood Quiltery Gallery in Guelph in April, 2009. My title for the show is Fibre Art from the Heart. All my art comes from a place in my heart: family, friends, places, and pets. I love the Greenwood Quiltery store. Joanne (owner) and Christine (curator)have a lovely little gallery with a quilt store that caters to the fibre artist as well as the quilter. http://www.greenwoodquiltery.com/
Finally, my group http://www.fibreartstudios.com/ has been invited to the Abozzo Gallery in Oakville next fall for the World of Threads Festival. A major invitation! I am loving my embellished pieces more and more all the time and I am sure I will include some of them in future shows.
This entry has taken double the time, I accidentally erased it by checking back for an internet web address. I won't do that again. My biggest question for bloggers is: how do I move my photos around? They always appear at the top of the blog!!!
Until next Tuesday, then I'll be on holidays! Teaching for two weeks has taken its toll, I am dog tired every night. Luckily my husband is doing all the cooking and shopping and errands. He just won't clean washrooms!
Thanks to Diane from http://www.clothpaperstudio.com/ for my Pay It Forward package that arrived today.


Scrappy Cat said...

If you want to be able to move your pictures around, when you have the upload images box up, at the bottom there are four choices for layout. Choose none (the first choice). Then you can move your pictures around wherever you want them.

Also, I am interested in your cloth paper studio group you've mentioned, but the link in this post didn't work. I would love more information about it. Could you email me about it? THANKS!

maggi said...

Good luck with Dale's challenge. It is also great to hear about your exhibitions. Hope you will be able to share some pics for those who cannot come in person.

Genie said...

Lovely ATC's
Happy Christmas