Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas Fibre Artists

My Self Portrait: You Are What You Eat!

Finally have all my Christmas shopping done! My son, Jamie always wants a surprise and that is difficult to do when he is 27 years old. The other day I saw those treats called Kinder Surprise that used to drive me crazy when the boys were young, little toys everywhere. I'm thinking that it would make a great surprise!
Last night I was crazily making some fibre art for my friends, Margie and Helene. We meet for breakfast every so often. We all worked at the same school. I decided to make the 4x4 blocks from the Quilting Arts Gifts issue. The article is written by Virginia Speigel. They were a lot of fun to make and I was able to use some of my painted fabric. My one friend thought it was a coaster and that makes perfect sense. Frame or use it for your coffee!
I finished my article for Sue and Terri at Fibre and Stitch and I sent it to both ladies. I am posting a taster of the landscape I created. The article is called Easy Landscape Manipulation. This job was one of my big intentions and now it is completed! Also, I am putting the finishing touches on my challenge piece for Dale Rollerson, soon I can post it to down under along with the 4x4 challenge I am doing with Cloth Paper Studio and a couple of pieces of embellishing I am thinking of sending to Sew Sommerset for the next issue.


I have promised myself to only work on my intentions and to prioritze my goals and not to get swamped by too much. Thanks to my friend, Carol Wiebe, for this sound advice. http://silverspringstudio.wordpress.com/

I am rereading one of my favourite books, 'Don't Sweat The Small Stuff'' ( and its all small stuff )This is a perfect time of year to take things as they come and not to get stressed about the details. I met one of my 'to do's' on Friday from the book. I told three people at the Chris Hadfield Public School where I occasionally work, that I loved them, via emails and that felt so good. Erin, Leanne and Lisa remember that I do love you! ( Also Great Teachers!)

This is the second Christmas without my dad. This is my favourite photo that I took in Savannah Georgia in 2006. Notice the name of the restaurant!!! I am not so sad now but I miss him like crazy. I know Oskar is keeping him company where ever they are!


Tony Liu said...

Merry X'Mas & happy 2009
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Anonymous said...

Donna - what a lovely self portrait! I have to make one of these. I read your comment about your dad. I too, am celebrating the second Christmas without my dad. I miss him too. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

maggi said...

Love the self portrait and the taster. You will always miss your dad and Oskar at Christmas more than others because it is a family time. Hope it was good for you