Tuesday, December 2, 2008

As Promised

It is Tuesday already and I have begun my weekly blogging as promised.

I joined a new group last week suggested by my friend Anne Marie. Cloth Paper Studio is a group very interested in sharing fibre art and doing swaps. I signed up for the first 4x4 swap and I have almost finished one block of three! I love to do the hand embroidery and I have been without a TV project for a few days. I changed the look of my blog determined to learn how to use it. I still haven't figured how to do a badge from places like Flickr. I also set up a Flickr account: www.flickr.com/photos/donnafunnell I now need to learn how to use Flickr. All this technology goes on and on.

My first order of business with CPS is Pay It Forward. Yarngoddess is sending me something and I am sending some of my handpainted fabric to the first three artists that respond to PIF in my blog. Send me your snail address by private email after you have confirmed that you want to receive my fabric. Most of my fabric I painted is using the Colour Vie system of paints and can be seen in my quilt 'Intuitive Hearts'. This was the quilt that was auctioned off for the Breast Cancer Support Project. ( see previous post )

I have been working on Lesson 5 of the Embellish, Stitch and Enrich class I recently took with the Thread Studio in Australia. Dale Rollerson is the instructor and I really learned how to use my embellish machine in a creative way. I really love to hand stitch on my embellished fabrics. I highly recommend this online class. http://www.thethreadstudio.com/ I made many new friends from down under, the UK and the US. We started our own Yahoo group so that we could keep corresponding and sharing ideas and photos of our embellishing art. We also traded ATCs. I made 19 ATCs! Whew! But the ones I received in return were fabulous! I plan to display them in a fabric journal some day or a fancy box! I met Jenny who has a mini schnauzer and is a former teacher in this online class and we continue to email on a regular basis. I am including a photo of my favourite embellishing piece based on a Fred Williams painting.

Lots to do tonight, my small fibre art group 'Material Girls' are meeting tomorrow night for a Christmas potluck and sharing on the topic of threads. We like to do studio play dates together. Our last one was painting threads and cheesecloth with Setacolours. I am making a surprize for each of the Material Girls, something embellished and embroidered. I am a firm believer in RAK. (Random Acts of Kindness) I'll post a photo in Cloth paper Studios. clothpaperstudio@yahoogroups.com Until next week, don't sweat the small stuff.


Rachel Murphree said...

Hey there Donna -- I'd love to have some of your handpainted fabric! Love your embellished/embroidered pieces too. they look lovely. I'll have to investigate the thread studio class. There are free tutorials on embellishing that Wendy told me about. I'll dig them up.

arlee said...

Me too please Donna:} I envy you your local group! There is one other person here in Calgary that i connected with of like mind and sometimes we feel like freaks :}

maggi said...

Hi Donna, have no idea what CPS is but I would love some hand painted fabric. You are very lucky to have a local group to meet up with. Are you going to be posting a picture of the RAKs on here as well as I haven't been approved on clothpaperstudio yet. Do you still have my snail mail address from the ATC swap, if not I'll send it again. Maggi

arlee said...

Received my fabrics today---YUMMY! Thank you very much--i'm formulating plans already for them :}