Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Connections Challenge, just a little bit!
On the way to Florida:
Here I am in a Motel 6 in Lexington, Kentucky. We drove all day and are really tired out! Half way to Florida and warm tropical weather! I am thinking of my visit to the Fabric Art Shop in Lake City, Florida! I can hardly wait!
Above is a snippet of my embellished piece I made for the Thread Studio's Challenge 'Connections'. It was sent 2 days ago along with a couple of entries to Sew Sommerset, my Cloth Paper Studio, 4 x4 swap and something else I have completely forgotten. The deadlines were met and sent off in time!
I saw my article for Fibre and Stitch as it will appear in the next issue of the magazine! Sue is a great editor. She made my article sound fantastic! I think I need a full time editor.

The photo below is a felted purse I made for my niece, Emily, for Christmas. She really liked it along with the scarf stamped with peace signs I bought at Winners.

Emily intend on her Christmas present!

I made a small embellished button for the front of the bag. In side it is lined with pockets. I had to figure out the size and put it all together on Christmas Eve. The purse was knitted and felted previously by me. And I'm not really a knitter!
I'm doing a little stitching before crashing in bed, working on some more 4 x4 Crazy quilt blocks to go with the swapped ones I will receive. I see a wall hanging in my future!


Carol said...

Congratulations on the Fibre&Stitch article. I look forward to reading it. I also saw in the Greenwood flyer that you are having a solo show at Greenwood Quiltery. This looks like a year of soaring, my friend!

Cyber Fyber said...


I just tried to look but your email address and found this message I wrote the other day. I wrote it in response to a comment you left on CYBER FYBER....and didn't see that it was a "non-ply". likely didn't get it! There's probably a message to tell me that it didn't get delivered....but my In Box is a hilarious disaster area of wonderful comments/votes for ATCs and POSTCARDS. Anyway....below is my message. I also wanted to tell you that your three absolutely STUNNING ATCs for the International Random Swap came in today's mail. The envelopes and ATCs are in their respective boxes waiting to be drawn on Saturday, January 17 between 1 - 4 PM. I'll be blogging about it and hopefully creating a video too!
So very, very sorry for the error! This has been corrected! I've suffered from mild dyslexia....since...well...forever! My artistic last name is LENZ but is very, very often incorrectly spelled as the more common LENTZ. My married name is Susan Lenz Dingman. I can't even begin to tell you how much of our mail comes to Bingham! Please forgive me!